Wedding Day Details

I am so ecstatic right now! Why? Because there are an absolute eff-ton of other amazing & talented wedding photographers out there and you chose me! I couldn’t possibly be more excited and honored that we are going to be working (and I use that term loosely) together to create some stunning images. The trust you’re putting in me right now to immortalize some of your most important moments is gargantuan, and I fully embrace and appreciate that! One of the best ways to make sure everything goes super duper ultra smoothly is making sure we communicate; so, like, me knowing when and where to show up, who to include in your family photos, etc. is really important information towards making sure you don’t end up hating my guts or something.

So, I’ve prepared a little questionnaire for you and your honey to complete sometime before your wedding. Some of the stuff you might not know right this very second, and that’s totally okay – just whenever you get the chance before your wedding day. And some of the other stuff we might have already gone over, so I apologize if it’s redundant; it’ll just be super helpful to have everything all in one place! Oh, and if something doesn’t apply to y’all, just type N/A or X or whatever you want (for example, if you don’t have a wedding planner, for Planner, you can just put I DON’T HAVE ONE, OK? or something along those lines).

Woo! Let’s get it poppin’!