After eight wild years, the books are closed! It's very bittersweet to actually type out that I am no longer taking on new clients.  So, if ya came here lookin' for a photographer: scroll to the bottom you'll see a list of some very talented folks to hire instead!

I'm so grateful for literally every person photography has introduced me to, the friendships gained, the lessons learned, the love witnessed, the places experienced... All of the super badass fun times, and even the super not-so-badass, stressful times. Each moment, client, destination, experience, wedding guest who took full advantage of the open bar, you name it, is an absolute treasure to me.

Photography also allowed me to stay home with my daughter from birth through a literal global pandemic that required two years of homeschooling, and I'm most grateful for being given that time at home with her. But I'm also very excited about this new chapter! I know – I know – that's beyond corny to say... but it is true! A new chapter where I still get to be creative and enjoy what I do, while also allowing me for the first time in my kid's life to have evenings and weekends with her, as well as my family, and my friends. That's the "sweet" part of the "bittersweet."

Okay, anyway, that's more than enough mushy stuff for this lil landing page.  Chances are, if you're here, you were just trying to book photography or you're looking for your gallery link, rather than read an ooey-gooey sentimental goodbye. So, without further ado...

are you looking for a photographer?

Well, you should hire these people:

Benjamin Martin Lori SparkmanClay Sutton

Past Clients: If you still have a gallery/album/print order that I owe ya from your session/wedding, me not taking on new clients, of course, does not mean I've forgotten about you! I'm working very hard on getting that out to you, so keep an eye on your email (and junk folder) for details!

If you've lost your link, email me at!